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  • We don't want to make promises that we can't keep, but we will give you two main reasons why and you can make your own decision.

  • The first reason is that Instafood will provide you with more work options. You may already be with other food delivery platforms, but they don't always necessarily offer you the amount of work and pay that you want.

  • The second reason is that Instafood pays you more. We understand that we are new, and it might seem like bore to go through the registration process again, but we make it worth your while by having a higher commission structure.

  • There are other intangible reasons why we think you should join Instafood - like that fact that we are locally owned, which means you are supporting the local economy and we also aim to provide better support for drivers if/when you have any issues.

  • So, come onboard and give us a try! You might like us 🙂

help outline


  • Watch our video to get a better idea and understanding of the process of instafood and how it can benefit you, the driver.